Zsolnay: Hungarian Art Nouveau

International Cultural Centre
Until 2 July 2017

The phenomenon of the Zsolnay factory, which was based in South Hungary’s city of Pécs, marks an important chapter in the history of the Hungarian Art Nouveau movement and an important component in the panorama of art around 1900. The type of objects produced in the factory, which reflected the stylistic tastes of the era, the vision of its owners, as well as the innovations of its technologies, made the Zsolnay factory one of the best known producers of ceramics across Austria Hungary, as well as Europe as a whole. The exhibition will feature over 100 objects (decorative ceramics, drawings, and architectonic details) from the collection of the Janus Panno-nius Múzeum in Pécs. This will be the first presentation of the collection and the Zsolnay phenomenon in Poland to date.

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