Zoran Mušič. Poetry of Silence

Zoran Mušič (1909–2005) had already been an established Slovenian artist by the time
he was deported to the Dachau concentration camp for several months in late 1944.
The drawings he created there are harrowing documents of that time. After the War, the artist moved to Venice. When he was signed on by the Galerie de France in 1952,
he moved to Paris, where he lived for a long time. In the mid‑1950s, Mušič defined
the landscape as well as his paintings’ protagonists as a sort of ornamental fabric in his colour‑intensive works, and soon afterwards he ventured into abstraction. This phase, lasting until 1963, was superseded by a cycle of works in which Mušič arrived at an increasingly anthropomorphic notion of landscapes. The inextinguishable trauma of his experience in the concentration camp was processed by the artist in his 1970 picture cycle We Are Not the Last. Featuring more than 160 loans from several international collections, the exhibition presents works from all periods of this silent loner’s oeuvre.

Leopold Museum, Wien
Until 6 August 2018