What does data say about culture?

How to effectively promote events in the information overload culture? Unlike their counterparts in the business world, cultural institutions and event organisers rarely use data to underpin their operations and decision making. What could we learn from them about the event goers?

 Medialab Katowiceand Katowice: City of Gardenshave the pleasure of inviting you to participate inData (for) Culture, an event staged as part of the research projectShared Cities: Creative Momentum. The event will be held in Katowice on 1-2 December 2017.

 The focus of the event will be on using data to study cultural participation patterns, combining traditional cultural research methods with the analysis of large data sets from the web and social media, and employing tools for data analysis and visualisation in the research and presentation of the city’s complex cultural ecosystem.

In addition to the conference, the event’s programme includes an exhibition summing up the results of studies on cultural participation in Katowice, as well as workshops, walking tours of the city and an afterparty organised in conjunction withSound Office Katowice. Among our speakers are Michiel de Lange, Adam Greenfield, Edwin Bendyk, Bogna Świątkowska, Aleksandra Janus, Marcin Wilkowski, Szymon Kaliski, Agnieszka Szklarczyk and Dariusz Szklarczyk, Patrycja Rudnicka and Katarzyna Szymielewicz.

The event is targeted at all those involved in organising and promoting cultural events; culture and city researchers, urban activists, officials and cultural policy makers, designers, programmers, data analysts, and other professionals interested in using data in interdisciplinary projects.

For more information, please visit: http://dataforculture.eu/.

Please register at https://dataforculture.eu/rejestracja/