We are Museums conference this summer in Vilnius

Next 6-7 June 2013, Vilnius will be at the heart of innovation and creation in the cultural sector. We Are Museums is a free 2-day conference with a unique format, that has chosen the Baltic area to play host to its very first edition. The event will be held at the Contemporary Art Centre, the largest venue for contemporary art in the region.

We are Museums was born a year ago, chiefly inspired by the buzz and creativity of Vilnius. An exciting emerging arts scene, coupled with the energy of its youthful communities, makes the city the perfect location for building bridges between museums and cultural organisations and their audiences in Lithuania. Conceived and organised by a team of culture professionals, We are Museums will share a passionate belief in the idea that institutions and the public shape each other’s identity, through conversation and innovation.

The event will boast a lineup of leading experts and pioneers in their fields, from a number of prestigious, internationally-renowned museums. Speakers include Marc Sands (Tate, UK), Laurent Gaveau (Château de Versailles, FR), Martijn Pronk (Rikjsmuseum, NL), Sarah Hromack (Withney Museum of Art, US), Paco Link (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Samuel Bausson (Musée de Toulouse, FR), Loic Tallon (Pocket Proof, UK), Carolyn Royston (Imperial War Museum, UK), Ineta Zelca Simansome (Creative Museum, LV), Neil Bates (Europena, NL), Jenna Brenning (Tumblr, US), Donatas Saulevicius (Limis, LT) and Julien Dorra (Museomix, FR). Together they will share their visions and experiences, engaging with audiences on how to build museums that are more connected and participative.

We are Museums will bring a strong professional focus to its audience. Speakers will team up with participants in unique workshops designed to help create strategies.

We are Museums is an entirely FREE event open on a «pay what you can» basis, through which each participant is encouraged to balance what they can afford with how they value the experience.

The talks will be held in English only.

Due to limited capacity, registration for the conference is essential and participants can register from 25 March 2013 on the event’s website.

We are Museums is organised by Buzzeum, a french new media and communication agency specialised in museums and cultural institutions.
We are Museums is supported by the British Council, the Institut Francais, the Contemporary Art Centre of Vilnius (SMC), the Vilnius College of Design, Tumblr and Novius.

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