We Are Museums 2015

May 31 - June 1, Berlin
At the intersection of innovation and museum ecosystems, We Are Museums is a 2-day event for forward-thinking and imaginative professionals.

Created in 2013, We Are Museums is a platform for all the challenges that await museums in a globalized and more complex ecosystem. Over the last two years, 3D printing, copyright issues, digital strategy building, evaluation, smart business models and groundbreaking projects have been covered by outstanding senior professionals from the most renowned institutions worldwide.

We Are Museums is an empowering event, curating talks that are both inspiring for the future and helpful for the present. Through plenary sessions, workshops and collective work, delegates will be able to be an active part of the future of museums and to nurture their work experience with tools, skills and fresh perspectives.

Delegates will be able to take part in a 3-session series with Sree Sreenivasan, Tech guru and Chief Digital Officer from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to challenge themselves professionally and learn all about the life of a museum professional running their department like a startup. Essential talks on team- building, mobile apps, storytelling, business models for museum merchandising, internet art and curation and conquering global audiences will be given by such institutions as the Palace of Versailles, the British Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the Musée d’Orsay, the Van Gogh Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art and more. A new addition this year will be the participation of some of the most dynamic startups evolving in the cultural world to come and share their vision as their role is getting more significant like Vastari, Museotechniki, or MadPixel.

Delegates will be able to complement their acquisition of new thought processes by choosing two 1-hour workshops working as toolboxes to give delegates practical skills to build their strategy on Twitter, free-licensing, or Ibeacons or digital empowerment.

We Are Museums will be held at the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin, an exceptional and inspiring venue designed by Daniel Libeskind, within a museum known as on of germany’s digital pioneers.

We Are Museums works actively with local partners such as the Betahaus, DDR Museum, Museumsportal Berlin, ArtConnect Berlin and Fountain of Youth.

We Are Museums attracts about 200 deciders, game-changers, researchers, students, bloggers and journalists from 15 countries. It has held events in the heart of emerging Europe in Vilnius, Lithuania (2013) and Warsaw, Poland (2014) and is aiming to become a comprehensive platform to train future museum and culture leaders.

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