Polish parliamentarians in the Habsburg Monarchy 1848–1918
International Cultural Centre Gallery, Krakow
14 September – 18 November 2012

This exhibition illustrates some major forms of the participation of Poles from Galicia in the parliamentary life of Austria-Hungary, with profi les of individual politicians, their activity and its eff ects. Often denounced by the champions of armed fi ght for national independence, these people represented the policy of sense and peaceful cooperation, skillfully dodging and weaving between the monarchy’s dense regulatory maze in order to improve, “with united forces”, the situation in the lands of the Austrian partition. This process was, in their opinion, the most effi cient way towards the revival of an independent Polish state. It will be interesting to fi nd out how much of what we now believe to be obvious achievements of the 19th century, such as schools, factories and the railway, was only possible thanks to their decisions.

The exhibition is accompained by by the book, which is available in the ICC bookshop.