Ukraine: Waiting for a Hero. Kostyrko, Rawski

International Cultural Centre
From 23 February until 3 April 2016

Volodymyr Kostyrko,Judith and Holofernes, 2015, mixed media on canvas ©  Volodymyr Kostyrko, Ya Gallery

Exhibition of paintings by Volodymyr Kostyrko and Yevhen Ravski – Ukrainian artists associated with Lviv. The presented works have been taken in the last five years and some of them arose in an atmosphere of despair and hopelessness in 2010–2013, when the political situation in Ukraine started having a direct influence on its citizens. Artistic creation was then the only vent for the forces of internal resistance that finally exploded on the Maidan. The “image of the hero” emerging from the works embodies the hopes of the Ukrainian society, expectations for a better, more dignified life. After the Maidan it remains relevant, and is a projection of an urgent need for further changes.

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