The Way We Are. Cartoons and Prints of József Faragó (1866–1906)

The Hungarian National Gallery
Until 3 March 2013

József Faragó, Our Greats in Paris, 1900 © Magyar Nemzeti Galeria

Although József Faragó was a painter, he achieved fame mostly for his drawings, especially in the distinctive genre of political caricature. For almost a decade, at the turn of the 20th century, he contributed to Hungarian satirical weeklies. In his caricatures he was able to capture the events and situations from day-to-day politics so aptly that the readers of the periodicals instantly grasped the message, often without the need to read the caption. In 1903 he moved to Berlin, where he continued to work as a caricaturist. The exhibition in the Hungarian National Gallery is a homage to the artist, who died young in 1906. The few extant originals of his drawings are collected here, until now known mostly in printed form from the papers which published them.
The exhibition of József Faragó’s prints is accompanying a show of Honoré Daumier’s works in the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, which we have already encouraged our readers to visit in the previous issue of "Herito".