"The National Style: Culture and Politics" and "Come hundred years ago"

"The National Style: Culture and Politics"
National Gallery, Prague

Until 2 June 2013

Much has been said and written about the phenomenon of national art. This very important theme in 19th and 20th-century art has an all-European dimension as well as particular representations in each country. What shape did these efforts assume in the art and especially architecture of the first republic of Czechoslovakia? This exhibition tries to find an answer to the question, taking a broad look at the issue – from both a historical and political perspective.

"Come a hundred years ago"
Muzeum východních Čech, Hradec Králové
Until 2 June 2013

Painting documenting the Industrial Exhibition in 1923 © Muzeum východních Čech, Hradec Králové

What were museums like 100 years ago? Were they completely different? It might turn out that everything we are used to and expect while visiting exhibitions in museums today, emerged when that particular institution was born but continues to last until the present? We rarely get the opportunity to look at the history of the museum idea taking shape. This chance is offered to us by the Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec Kralove, recently celebrating its 100th anniversary.