The Luther Effect: Protestantism – 500 Years in the World

Until 5 November 2017

Anonymous,King Edward VI and the Pope, ca. 1575 © National Portrait Gallery, London

The exhibition shows the diversity and historical impact of Protestantism, but also its potential for giving rise to conflicts in the world. What traces of Protestantism can be found in other denominations and religions? How has Protestantism itself changed as a result of these encounters? And not least: How have people made Protestant teachings their own – how have they shaped and lived them? Starting from the Reformation in the 16th century, the exhibition presents the worldwide history of the impact and reciprocal effects of Protestantism, using the examples of Sweden, the USA, South Korea and Tanzania. Exclusively for the exhibition, the Berlin artist Hans Peter Kuhn transforms the atrium of the Martin‑Gropius‑Bau into a gigantic artwork out of aluminium tubing, light and sound.

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