The Heritage of Two Cultures.The collection of the Poznański Family from the Polish Museum in Rapperswil

October 9, 2015 - February 14, 2016
Museum of the City of Lodz

October 25, 10 a.m.
Conference „Hirszenberg Brothers – In Search of the Promised Land”

Artur Szyk, Śmierć Berka Joselewicza, 1930, c Muzeum Polskie w Rapperswilu

Museum of the City of Lodz is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary (1975-2015). Due to this occasion museum ivites to the exhibition "The Heritage of Two Cultures. The collection of the Poznański Family from the Polish Museum in Rapperswil " opened from October 9, 2015 till February 14, 2016.
The exhibition is a result of cooperation undertaken by the Museum of the City of Lodz with the Polish Museum in Rapperswil in Switzerland, which owns a part of the historical art collection gathered in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Lodz by the two manufacturer’s families: Silberstein and Poznański. The works were loaned by the Lodz museum, which conservated and elaborated them scientifically and afterwards will present the collection to the public.
The exhibition consists of 17 valuable, both artistically and historically, works of art from the collection of the Poznański family (painting, sculpture, craftsmanship from the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century) by outstanding Polish artists, including Józef Chełmoński, Olga Boznańska and Julian Fałat, as well as related with Lodz Jewish authors: Arthur Szyk, Samuel Hirszenberg or Henryk Glicenstein.
The exhibition will be complemented by photo-presentation showing steps and effects of the conservation process, international scientific conference and a trilingual publication.

Accompanying event:

October 25, 10 AM
International scientific conference „Hirszenberg Brothers – In Search of the Promised Land”

The conference inaugurates a three-year research and exhibition project dedicated to the artwork of Samuel, Leon and Henryk Hirszenberg. The theme of the conference is the artwork of three brothers in context of a financial support in early years of their careers by Lodz manufacturers, with particular emphasis on Maurice and Sarah Poznański patronage. Thanks to the Poznański orders for paintings (eg. for their palace interiors, portraits of family members or simply to the collection), the artists could go abroad to continue their education in the best European universities and to lead a stable life. The Hirszenberg brothers started their artistic activity in Lodz as heirs of Polish tradition, but they ended it as the aware representatives of European culture, contributing to its achievements in other countries.
The conference is a starting point for the international promotion of Polish artists and their scattered around the world creations and presentation of current research on their lives and careers.