The East of Europe as a challenge

21.03 Thursday, 18.00
International Cultural Centre
Rynek Główny 25

A lecture by Ambassador Jerzy Bahr within the Polish Russian Dialogue at the International Cultural Centre cycle.
The third meeting from the cycle started in 2012 on the situation in contemporary Poland and Russia with an emphasis on culture, history and national heritage. The idea of the Russian meetings was conceived in cooperation with the Centre for Polish Russian Dialogue and Under-standing, falling within the tradition of debates on the culture of European countries held in the Ravens Hall.
Jerzy Bahr – is a sociologist, expert on Eastern Europe from the Swiss Ost Institut in Bern, and political advisor of the Polish Embassy in Moscow. He was the former Consul General and Plenipotentiary Minister of the Consulate General of Poland in Kaliningrad; the former ambassador in the Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Lithuania and the Russian Federation, and in 2005, head of the Polish National Security Bureau.
Admission free, a lecture in Polish.