The conference „Regions of Memory. A Comparative Perspective on Eastern Europe”

The conference is the second international event of the “Genealogies of Memory” project. The event will be held on Nov. 26-28, 2012 in the Warsaw University Library. During the conference will be compared different memories, ways of forgetting and dealing with the experiences of mass violence in societies that suffered under totalitarian regimes in the 20th century.
We are glad to inform that "Herito" is the media patron of the event.

The inspiration to pose questions about the specificity of memory processes was Timothy Snyder’s recent book "Bloodlands", He presented Eastern Europe as a historically specific ecosystem of violence – a region particularly affected by experiences of mass murder, forced labor, rapes, hunger, ethnic cleansing, expulsions or revenge. During this conference, we will attempt to compare the memory processes of this region with those of Southern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa or Latin America, and examine whether and how mass violence contributed to regional memories and forgetting.

A comparative perspective on Eastern Europe will be possible thanks to keynote speakers working on memory in various regions of the world, among them:

Carol Gluck (Columbia University) researcher of politics of memory in Japan
Elizabeth Jelin (National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, Buenos Aires) working on the memory of dictatorships in Latin America
Gyanendra Pandey (Emory University, Atlanta), expert on memory in India and Pakistan
Stefan Troebst (University of Leipzig), researcher of memory in South-Eastern Europe
Dirk Moses (European University Institute, Florence) working on the memories of genocides in global context.

  1. Memory in the historical space of violence (role of ideologies, memory in authoritarian regimes, challenges of transition, justice and compensation)
  2. Spatial frames of remembrance (role of displacement, region as a figure of memory, city as a memory scene)
  3. Memory in framing the future (art & public sphere, education, oral testimonies).

“Genealogies of Memory” project was initiated in 2011. We aim to facilitate academic exchange between Central and Eastern European scholars of individual and collective memory as well as to promote this regions’ study of memory among the international academic community and broader audience. We are particularly interested in theories and methods of memory studies in regional and global context.

The event is organized by: European Network Remembrance and Solidarity; Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw (IS UW); Institute of Sociology, Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS); Freie Universität Berlin. The coordinators of the “Genealogies of Memory” project are Joanna Wawrzyniak (IS UW) and Małgorzata Pakier (SWPS).

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