The Black Years. Histories of a Collection: 1933–1945

Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
Until 31 July 2016

Karl Hofer,The Black Room, 1943, oil on canvas © bpk/Nationalgalerie, fot. Jörg P. Anders

The exhibition features works from the Nationalgalerie (while it undergoes renovation) which were either created between 1933 and 1945, acquired by the collection during this period, or seized by the National Socialist regime. Visitors have the opportunity to see major works by P. Picasso, L. Feininger, O. Dix, K. Kollwitz, R. Belling and E. L. Kirchner. Some works enjoyed the regime’s approval and were held up as examples of “national” art, whereas others met with derision and were considered “degenerate”. Each of the objects has its own individual story to tell, and offers valuable insights into the art, politics and museum history of the Nazi period.

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