Tempus Fugit: On Time and Transience

International Cultural Centre
From 3 March until 8 May 2016

Galle Cornelis, Memorare novissima, et in aeternum non peccabis,  print © MCK

The problem of the inevitable passage of time and falling into oblivion has been present in art for centuries. Artists have dealt with this topic in various ways: literally, for example by contrasting youthful beauty with an old face, but also through allegories – creating still lifes, personifications equipped with adequate attributes or ruins of once flourishing cities. The exhibition has the nature of “juxtaposing the old with the new”, so serving as counterpoints to historical images (eg. by G. B. Castiglione, G. B. Piranesi, V. Hollar) will be selected works of Polish conceptualists, introducing modern conventions of portraying time (including works by S. Dróżdż and R. Opałka).

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