Skopje. City, Architecture and Art of Solidarity

It is not the first time that the International Cultural Centre has been discovering the treasures of Polish art, on this occasion uncovered in the Macedonian capital – Skopje. In 1963 the tragedy of the city that was left in ruins by an earthquake shocked entire world. Poland offered assistance in rebuilding the city, while the experience of architects who had earlier rebuilt Warsaw proved invaluable. 

The International Cultural Centre and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje (MSU) would like to invite you to the exhibition Skopje: City, Architecture and Art of Solidarity, which is the first comprehensive presentation dedicated to the Macedonian capital – its difficult 20th-century history and previously unknown relations with Polish art, architecture, and urban planning. The show will focus on the story of rebuilding of Skopje after the tragic earthquake of 1963 and on the exceptional gestures of solidarity of many countries, organisations, and benefactors who were deeply moved by the enormity of loss and suffering experienced by the Macedonians.

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