Sigrid Neubert. Photographs: Architecture and Nature

For 30 years, Sigrid Neubert (b. 1927) worked as a photographer for many leading architectural firms. In the process, she developed a style characterized by images that present the structure and surface of the buildings through stark contrast and in clear detail, making Neubert one of the best‑known photographers of architecture in Germany. In the 1970s, she turned her hand to nature photography, and from 1990 on she has focused exclusively on this field. This retrospective at the Museum für Foto‑ grafie is devoted to the photographer’s complete oeuvre, including her best‑known works, like the pictures from Nymphenburg Park and the megalithic temples of Malta, but it also dis‑ plays her iconic architectural photography of the BMW Tower in Munich. 

Museum of Photography, Berlin

From 9 February until 21 May 2018