Saga. Iceland: Art and Narrative

(Saaga. Islandi kunsti lood)
Art Museum of Estonia KUMU, Tallinn

Until March 20, 2016

Helgi Thorgils Fridjónsson, Blue Music, 2005–2006, oil on canvas. Listasafn Íslands, fot. Einar Falur Ingólfsson

Storytelling continues to be an extremely important part of Icelandic identity. Therefore, the curators of the exhibition decided to look at the art of Iceland in the contexts of its literary and narrative nature, and the exhibition itself is built like a theatre play with its own plot. It is opened by works presenting the stage setting: pictures of the Thingvellir Park at the turn of the 20th century. Then the story moves to our times, represented, among others, by large format photographs by Cindy Sherman and interactive music applications by Björk. The epilogue is the installation by Olafur Eliasson, concerning the recent crisis experienced by Iceland.

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