Roundabout Baltic

Until 11 September 2016
at the Form/Design Center, Malmö
8 October – 28 December 2016
at the Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Tallinn
Design with a sea view. A visual tale of nature and design intersections. Contemporary design from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden.

phot. J. Certowicz

An international design exhibition presents objects created in eight countries connected by the coastline of the Baltic Sea. Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka is the curator of the Roundabout Baltic exhibition organized by the Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola. The cooperation of this team has brought about many celebrated exhibitions promoting Polish design abroad, including Unpolished, Moderna and Polska Folk.
The international exhibition Roundabout Baltic showcases achievements of designers from the stretch of the Baltic Sea in a broad cultural and visual context. It is not, however, a review-exhibition, but rather a narrative exhibition, a personal narration of the curator, which portrays the visual connection between the designers, their work and the seaside landscape etched into their creative sensitivity through design, usable and decorative objects. The landscape provides the background for the story: dunes, beach and water, vegetation, rocks and submarine life, different times of day and changing seasons. The products and objects crafted by artisans from Baltic Sea countries are the cornerstone of the multilayered narration of the project.
The Roundabout Baltic exhibition presents works of designers from eight countries: Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, and Sweden; more than 40 authors and more than 70 exhibits altogether. However there is no emphasis on the countries in the way the exhibition is arranged. Quite opposite, concentrating on formal similarities resulting either from local inspirations, choice of material or the production methods, I show analogies in the way creators from the Baltic region think and which are more important / more pronounced than cultural, economic or climatic differences between these countries.
Designers participating in the exhibition: Alicja Patanowska_PL, Anki Gneib_SE, Anna Bera_PL, Anne Lorenz_DE, Annike Laigo EE, Audrone Drungilaite_LT, Chmara Rosinke_PL/AT, Chudy and Grase_LT/DE, Com-pa-ny_FI, Derelict Furniture_EE, Fredrik Paulssen_SE, Grynasz Studio_PL, Hanna Krueger_DE, Jenny Ekdahl_SE, Johanna Tammsalau_EE, Jonas Edvard_DK, Justyna Popławska_PL/DK, Karin Carlander_DK, Kosmos Project_PL, Lisa Hilland_SE, Lith Lith Lundin_SE, Lucas Dahlen_SE, Maija Puoskari_FI, Malafor_PL, Mara Skujeniece_LV, Mare Klepman_EE, Maria Kristofersson_SE, Marija Puipaitė_LT, Meike Harde_DE, Mikko Laakkonen_FI, Milena Krais_DE, Modus Design_PL, Monica Foster_SE, Olga Bielawska_PL/DE, Pia Wustenberg_FI/DE, Petra Lilja_SE, Raili Keiv_EE, Rikke Frost_DK, Sampling_LV, Sebastian Jansson_FI, Silvia Knueppel_DE, Silvija Juozelskytė_LT, Studio Fem_DK, Toivo Raidmets_EE, Variant Studio_LV, 1+1+1 Nordic Mash-Up_SE/FI/IS

Co-financed through the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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