Rhythms + Motion + Light. Impulses of Futurism in Czech Art

(Rytmy + pohyb + světlo. Impulsy futurismu v českém umění)
Moravian Gallery, Brno
Until 19 May 2013

Miroslav Ponc, "A sketch to colourful film music", around 1925, colour ink on paper © Moravska galerié, Brno

Movement, speed, time are the words which best describe the nature of the artistic current named Futurism by the artists themselves. Founded in Italy, it soon spread across Europe. This exhibition in Brno shows the achievements of Czech artists (including František Kupka, Otton Gutfreund, Bohumil Kubišta, Karel Teige, Zdenek Pešánek), who were also fascinated by the dynamics of reality.