Pina Bausch and the Tanztheater

Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin
Until 9 January 2017

Jochen Viehoff, Pina Bausch Dancing a Solo in Danzón (detail) © Jochen Viehoff

Pina Bausch (1940–2009) is recognised as a pioneer of modern dance theatre and as one of the most influential choreographers of the 20th century. The exhibition is the first to present her work to a wider public. The focus is not only on the work in terms of staged performances but above all on the very foundations of the choreographer’s oeuvre, on her creative practice and on the key aspects and people that have accompanied and shaped her progress. The objects, installations, photographs and videos presented are drawn from the unique holdings of the Pina Bausch Archives. At the heart of the exhibition is the reconstruction of the Lichtburg, the legendary rehearsal space in an old Wuppertal cinema, in which Pina Bausch developed most of her pieces with her dancers.