Nowa Huta 1949+

Historical Museum of the City of Krakow

The History of Nowa Huta Quarter, os. Słoneczne 16

11 July - 26 August 2012 r.

Maria Lempart
Paweł Jagło

The exhibition „Nowa Huta 1949+” provides the history of the Nowa Huta district in a pill. A story about turbulent history of this part of Kraków begins with presentation of the setting in 1949, before local authorities decided to join suburban villages into one system called Nowa Huta. Next parts of the exhibition focus on the factory in Nowa Huta, which the district took the name from, describes creation of a perfect city with its architecture, unique town-planning and role of the Church in the socialistic city. The exhibition tells stories about the most important events which took place in Nowa Huta like: Nowa Huta’s Cross defence, raising a monument of Vladimir Lenin in the Roses Avenue, foundation and operations of the opposition movements until 1989. Important part of the exhibition presents everyday life of Nowa Huta citizens because they’re creators of the history of this place. And finally there is a short study on Nowa Huta’s myths and we can treat the basic course from Nowa Huta history as completed. Extended courses can be taken on temporary exhibitions arranged by our museum. On this exhibition we would like to show you pictures, documents, plans exhibits from our collections, multimedia presentations and documental movies presented on various temporary exhibitions arranged in the branch. Especially for foreign tourists visiting Nowa Huta more and more often, to share the interesting history with them as well, the exhibition is available in English. The exhibition will be available in the branch at Słoneczne Estate two times a year – in winter and summer between the regular temporary exhibitions are shown.