Notes from the Underground. Art and Alternative Music in Eastern Europe 1968 – 1994

ms2, Lodz
Until 15 Jnuary 2017

Ziemia Mindel Würm, CH3 NH CH 2, Gdańsk, 1990 © Photo courtesy of Marek Rogulski and Piotr Wyrzykowski

The exhibition explores the close and often dynamic relationship between visual artists and musicians in Eastern Europe under communist rule. After 1968, vivid alternative culture of visual arts, experimental and rock music and literature appeared in Eastern Europe. The artists started creating not evident alliances between themselves, very often blurring the boundaries between different fields of artistic activity. The exhibition presents this experience as a phenomenon of a peculiar Eastern-European character – despite its heterogeneity and geographical span. Focusing on youth culture and counterculture’s form of expression, it juxtaposes music and artistic endeavours that have not been presented together so far.