Meet Me at the Prater! Viennese Pleasures since 1766

Wien Museum, Vienna
From 10 March until 21 August 2016

A bumper car from the Prater autodrom, c. 1965 © Wien Museum

On April 7, 1766, Joseph II granted public access to the Prater imperial hunting grounds. The 250th anniversary of this event presents a prime opportunity to focus on the diverse history of the Prater. In its early stages, the Prater was an area both rich in nature and near the centre of the city – one that offered wide-open space for spectacular mass events such as scenic firework displays and experimental hot-air balloon flights. Thanks to the imaginative and fanciful innovations, like the flower parade and the “Venice in Vienna” theme park, or the famous Rotunda and the Riesenrad, over the years the Prater became one of the most important Viennese meeting points and landmarks.

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