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BWA Sokół, Sądecki Ethnographic Park, Nowy Sącz
From 24 June until 11 September 2016

Karol Radziszewski, Self-portrait with a Horse,  1989  © Karol Radziszewski

Artistic project devoted to how the countryside is perceived in culture through the prism of museum and ethnographic collections will comprise two integral parts. First will be: a display of contemporary works of art, created by artists from Poland and abroad (among others D. Niznalska and J. Samma), at the premises of the Sądecki Ethnographic Park – works mostly executed at the site commenting on the very idea of the open air ethnographic museum as a cultural construct. Second will be an artistic installation by K. Radziszewski and P. Branas at the BWA Sokół Gallery of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the District Museum, that will include the museum’s archive materials and exhibits.

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