Marcel Odenbach: Proof of Nothing

Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
From 5 February until 30 April 2017

Marcel Odenbach, Clear Views (detail), 2007 © Marcel Odenbach & BILDRECHT GmbH

Marcel Odenbach, one of the most important contemporary video artists, based in Germany, has overwritten his first solo exhibition with the title of a poem by Ingeborg Bachmann. ­Beweis zu nichts (Proof of nothing) thematises the persistence of the victim‑perpetrator structure within post‑war German society. In the intensive study of the problem of dealing with the past Odenbach works reverberation of Nazism reflected into the present. Odenbach’s films also stress, that the topic of the dealing with the past is not only a European one when he shows international trouble spots and the reconciliation of populations by armed conflicts and genocide.

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