Late Polishness: Forms of National Identity after 1989

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
Until 6 August 2017

Irena Kalicka,Untitled, from the series Dragon Is Hard to Overcome, Yet One Shall Try, 2016 © Irena Kalicka

How is Polishness experienced today? How is it represented? Artists from varying generations have been invited to partake in the project. Therefore, it will be possible to see the complexity of the phenomenon of national identity considered as a political issue, but also as one that is existential, personal, mythological, and even purely aesthetic. The curators are looking at the process of working through the long repressed peasant roots of our society. Postcolonial theory is also an important discourse; it allows for the reinterpretation of basic concepts for the Polish consciousness such as annexations, democracy, borderlands, and the effort to adapt to the local conditions of the Western liberal cultural model.