Just After the War

Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw
Until January 10, 2016

Henryk Stażewski, Escape, 1947, tempera on canvas © Zachęta, fot. Bartek Górka
Chaos, poverty, mass repatriations, fear of the Red Army and the return of the Germans, distrust of the new Communist regime, rampant banditry, pogroms against the Jews – such is the shocking picture of Poland just after the war. The exhibition attempts to answer the question of how the complexity of social attitudes and political tensions in post war Poland found their reflection in visual arts, photography, film, architecture and design. The leitmotif is the theme of ruins: from the conception of ruins as architecture, through the vision of a wounded city or an ancient ruin in visual arts, to the pragmatic problem of raising cities from rubble.

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