Jaromír Funke Between Construction and Emotion

Moravian Gallery
From 18 October 2013 to 19 January 2014

Jaromír Funke, Po karnawale, 1926, fotografia na papierze © z archiwum artysty / the artist’s archive

Jaromír Funke is one of the pioneers of modern photography. He stepped on a path leading to abstractionism very early – in the 1920s he had already conducted photographic experiments, which bore elements of surrealism, cubism and constructivism. In the 1930s, inspired by André Breton, he created the current of emotional photography. He also lectured in Bratislava and Prague during the interwar period. The organisers of the exhibition intended to showcase Funke’s artwork against the backdrop of European, as well as native avant‑garde, to which he became a pioneer of innovative perception in photography.