Hungary in Central Europe – launch event of the 26th issue of “Herito” in Warsaw

21 May (Sunday), 5 p.m.
Dom Funkcjonalny
ul. Jakubowska 16, Warsaw

Who are contemporary Hungarians and what is their self-image in Central Europe? What were the reasons for Budapest’s great development at the turn of the 19th and 20th century? What is Hungarians’ idea of Poles? What does the Danube mean to them? These questions will be tackled by Rafał Wiśniewski – expert in Hungarian studies and former Polish ambassador in Hungary. The meeting will be moderated by Bartosz Panek – journalist of the 2nd Programme of the Polish Radio. The reference point for the discussion is the recent “Hungarian” issue of “Herito” quarterly. The event is organised by the Hungarian Institute in Warsaw and the International Cultural Centre.