National Museum, Krakow
Until 7 January 2018

Andrzej Wróblewski, "A Head of a Man", 1957 © Fundacja Andrzeja Wróblewskiego
The exhibition is a contribution to the discussion on the subject of Polish identity. On the eve of the centenary of Poland’s regaining independence, this debate has become more dynamic, provoking reflection on ourselves, on the way we define our history, civilisation achievements, the specificity of national culture and its relations with the surrounding world. The hashtag sign, used in the title of the exhibition, is commonly used in social networking either to mark important information or to comment on any information, which concerns the idea of an open discussion about our heritage. In this context the National Museum in Krakow should be perceived as an institution which has been recording our heritage in a material form throughout its complicated history. Hence the exhibition features objects exclusively from the collection of the Museum.
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