Gothic Madonnas on a Lion. Splendor et Virtus Reginae Coeli

Arcidiecézní muzeum
From 13 February to 11 May 2014

Workshop of a Master of Apostles Figures, Madonna and Child Sitting on a Throne Decorated with Lions from Skarbmierz, Silesia 14th century, linden wood covered with cloth, double sided sculpture © Muzeum Narodowe we Wrocławiu

Wooden sculptures of Madonna holding baby Jesus and standing on a lion belong to the most finessed Gothic works. This mode of representation of Madonna as Reginae Coeli (Queen of Heaven) spread across Central Europe, in particular in the cities of Silesia and Pomerania. Since the origin of this motif remains unexplained, the question has been a subject of research for art historians for decades. According to some, the origin of these works can be connected with the Prague court of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and the art that flourished there in the mid-14th century. The exhibition’s organisers confront this view with other opinions by showcasing a whole series of representations of Madonna from Czech, Polish, German, and Austrian collections.