Golden Age of Hungarian Painting (1836–1936)

National Museum in Krakow
From 21 October 2016 until 22 January 2017

János Vaszary, Promenade I, c. 1934 ©  Gábor Kovács Art Collection

The exhibition focuses on the period of one hundred years, beginning from the origins of Hungarian national painting, through the artistic turmoil of broadly defined fin de siècle, up to the interwar period, characterised by the coexistence of diverse trends. Selected paintings testify to how the local flavours and themes revived under European influences, giving rise to diversity so characteristic of the art of Central Europe. The exhibition will present approximately 90 paintings coming mainly from two galleries: collection of Gábor Kovács – one of the most important private art collections in Hungary, and from the Hungarian National Gallery. The display will be accompanied by a catalogue in Polish and English.

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