Genealogies of Memory

Genealogies of Memory is a project responding to a growing interest in the subject of social memory in Central and Eastern Europe and other regions of the world.

The annual international conferences within this cycle gather researchers from the inter-disciplinary field of memory studies and provide an opportunity for familiarising the wider public with research on remembering and forgetting the past in various societies. Last year, the participants of the Genealogies of Memory conference reflected on the methodology of research on the social aspects of remembrance. This year’s meeting, called Regions of Memory, made it possible to compare societies which in the 20th century found themselves under the impact of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.
    Besides international academic conferences, the Genealogies of Memory cycle also includes seminars with live internet streaming and a website with an annotated bibliography of books from the field of memory studies. The initiators and coordinators of the project are Dr. Joanna Wawrzyniak (Institute of Sociology of Warsaw University) and Dr. Małgorzata Pakier (Institute of Social Sciences of the Warsaw School of Social Psychology). The main organiser of Genealogies of Memory is the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity.