Freedom. The art of the Novembergruppe 1918–1935

Democracy and diversity. Launched in November 1918 during the revolution in Berlin, the association of artists known as the Novembergruppe quickly became an influential and innovative player in the art world and public arena of the Weimar Republic. With its pluralist philosophy, the association was open to every style in the visual arts, but also to architects, writers, composers, and filmmakers. A platform for freedom, democracy, and diversity. With 119 works by 69 artists, including 48 paintings, 14 sculptures and 12 models and drawings by architects, this first‑ever all‑round retrospective at the Berlinische Galerie marks the centenary of the best‑known of all little‑known creative communities in these dramatic times.

Berlinische Galerie
Until 11 March 2019