Franz Kafka: The Entire Trial

Martin‑Gropius‑Bau, Berlin
Until 5 November 2017

Passport photograph, Kafka about 32 years old, 1915/1916 © Archiv Klaus Wagenbach
More than 100 years after it was written, the entire manuscript of Franz Kafka’s famous novel The Trial (1925) has been displayed at the exhibition page by page in the order given to it by Kafka’s friend, executor and editor, Max Brod. Stresemannstraße 111, in the immediate vicinity of the Gropius‑Bau, was once the site of the Hotel Askanischer Hof. It was at the Askanischer Hof, on 12 July 1914, that the legendary conversation took place between Franz Kafka and Felice Bauer, her sister Erna and friend Grete Bloch, after which the engagement between Kafka and Felice Bauer was broken off. Thus, the idea for his novel began to take shape. The exhibition is complemented by screenings of Orson Welles’ 1962 film adaptation and photographs from Klaus Wagenbach’s collection.
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