Fascination with Reality: Hyperrealism in Czech Painting

Museum of Modern Art
Until 10 August 2017

4. Hynek Martinec, "W tym samym czasie II. Vauxhall" – Londyn, 2009

With its roots in the 1960s and with the support of Euro‑American visual traditions, hyperrealism upholds the bastions of perfectly mimetic, radically realistic painting. Like hyperrealism itself, the exhibition has a broad cultural and historical span, with the imaginary border being the year 1989; nevertheless, it has a very narrow focus – on the authors who reflected or still reflect on both hyperrealism of form and content present in Czech contemporary art. Beside questions concerning its nature and functionality, it also evokes more intuitive questions: What are the pictures actually for? What is the source of their value? What is their relationship to reality?

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