Far from Moscow. Gérard Singer and Engaged Art

National Museum in Szczecin, Szczecin
Until 30 June 2016

Gérard Singer, 14 February in Nice, 1950–1951 © Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie

In 1952, the Museum of Western Pomerania began a new phase of its existence, the main goal now being to strengthen the totalitarian pro Soviet system in the area of culture. One of the ways of pursuing this mission was the selection of new museum pieces; one of the most spectacular donations was Gérard Singer’s epic painting called 14th February in Nice. It was no accident that the shipbuilding Szczecin – a de Germanised city cultivating the myth of the “Paris of the Other Europe” – was offered the stewardship of this famous work on maritime, anti Nazi and anti capitalist themes. The display of this painting – sixty years after its appearance in museum storage – makes spectators familiar with a trend in Western European art which is almost unknown in P­oland, as well as with the political, iconographic and formal contexts of Singer’s painting.

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