Edvard Munch. Love, Death and Loneliness

(Edvard Munch. Liebe, Tod und Einsamkeit)
Albertina, Vienna

Until January 24, 2016Edvard Munch, Angst, 1896, lithograph, painted in colour © Reto Rodolfo Pedrini, Zürich, courtesy of Galleri K, Oslo

Retrospective of one of the pioneers of expressionism, who showed in his art the loss of human individuality in the era of industrialisation. The exhibition includes his magnum opus: the cycle “Frieze of Life”, showing various stages and aspects of human existence. You can see a total of about 120 works by the artist, including his most famous paintings, such as The Scream, Madonna and The Kiss, and also experiments with graphic art: lithographs, etchings and woodcuts. The items brought together in Albertina allow you to see his innovative approach to this medium: starting from the choice of wood and paper, through the process of printing, to the final work on the finished prints.

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