Dreams and Reality: 30 Years of the Architecture Collection at the National Gallery in Prague

National Gallery, Prague
From 24 June until 25 September 2016

Josef Hrubý, Josef Kittrich, design of the department store Bílá labuť (White Swan) in Prague, 1936 © Národní galerie v Praze

The exhibition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Architecture Collection of the National Gallery in Prague will introduce visitors to how the collection was built up from the very first purchases, capture its division into individual sub sections and present its most important figures (such as ­Václav Hilský, Karel Janů, Alena Šrámková, Věra and Vladimír Machonin, Jiří Kroha, Jan Sokol, Karel Prager, Jan Línek and Vlado Milunič), as well as concrete exhibits – individual buildings and whole series. A further separate chapter will be the selection of historical prints on the themes of architectural details, classical buildings and vedute of cities (cityscapes).

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