divided | undivided – Art in Germany 1945–2010

(geteilt | ungeteilt - Kunst in Deutschland 1945–2010)
New Masters Picture Gallery, Albertinum, Dresden
Until January 27 2013

In August 2011 the construction of the Berlin Wall – a symbol of the separation of the two former existing German states – had its 50th anniversary. As a follow-up to this event, the Galerie Neue Meister is showing German-German art on a large-scale from the post-war period until the present, primarily from its own archives.

The tour starts with pictures created under the impression of the devastating destruction of the city centre of Dresden in February 1945, which manifest the situation after the “Death of Dresden” (Wilhelm Lachnit) to a new beginning. In separated, but open cabinets of the exhibition’s architecture, exciting and suggestive artistic expression comes to light. While in West Germany next to realistic tendencies, abstraction became the prevailing means of expression, realistic ways of representation dominated in the Eastern part of the divided country. In the years around and after 1989, the pictorial traditions of the former separated states overlapped. They lost their distinct status particularly through direct encounter with international art trends.