Caught by the night: Czech Artists in France 1939–1945

(Zastihla je noc. Čeští umělci ve Francii 1938–1945)
Moravian Gallery, Brno

Until January 10, 2016

Tita (Edita Hirschová), Ruin Builders, 1941, ink on paper © Moravská galerie v Brně

The Munich Agreement of 1938, limiting the sovereignty of Czechoslovakia, forced many Czech artists to emigrate. Some of them chose France and they expressed their political commitment with their brushes. The show features works of such renowned Czech artists as Adolf Hoffmeister, František Matoušek, Josef Šíma, Jan Vlach, and Rudolf Kundera, and the Slovak painter Imro Weiner Kráľ, educated in Bohemia. In addition, rich documentary material was collected and a monograph on the subject was published.

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