Catch up and surpass | Design of 1950s – 1960s

(Dohnat a předehnat | Design 50. – 60. let 20. století)
Museum of Modern Art, Olomouc
Until January 24, 2016

Various authors, vases made of pressed glass, after 1960 © Muzeum umění Olomouc, fot. Justyna Fedec

The exhibition refers to the World EXPO in Brussels from 1958, where Czechoslovak artistic design was a huge success. In the following years, objects designed in this style, known as “Brussels style”, gained the great popularity in Czechoslovakia and Poland. The Ćmielów porcelain, pikasy (decorative patterns based on the works of Picasso), varnished desks – although commonly associated with Polish industrial design, in fact they originated from across the Southern border. At the exhibition we can see works by Czech and Polish artists. The exhibition is a continuation of the “War and Peace” project, shown by BWA Wrocław in the late 2013 and early 2014.

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