Bread and Roses: The Strategies of Class Identification

Museum of Modern Art
From 19 February until 1 May 2016

Marta Minujin,Payment of the Argentine Foreign Debt to Andy Warhol with Corn, the Latin American Gold, 1985/2011 © Courtesy of the artist

The avant-garde dream of creative practice going beyond the border of art and life appears as a dated myth. Still, we can see that art refuses to limit itself to the role of a luxury decoration in a bourgeois salon. The exhibition formulates a question about the way artists define their status and position in the realm of an ever-widening economic gap. A question about the possibility to reconcile dreams of social justice with the need of artistic freedom and autonomy. Finally, a question about the ways in which the tension that characterises the current political and social conflicts in Poland becomes central to the art world and the artist figure.

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