Bird’s‑Eye Vienna: The City at a Glance

Museum Wien, Vienna
Until 17 September 2017

Hermann Kosel, "View of Vienna from Höhenstraße", 1936 © Wien Museum
Attempts to grasp the ever‑growing city of Vienna have been made for centuries – whether in the form of classic panoramas, bird’s‑eye views, postcards, or city maps. Yet maps and panoramas exist in a productive field of tension between the demands of completeness and fragmentation, making visible and concealing, and giving orientation and control. In all cases, the result is not a depiction of “real” territory, but rather an idealised model, image, or vision of the city. The exhibition displays not only some of the oldest, largest, or most famous maps, panoramas, and models of Vienna, but also rare thematic maps, artistic works, design products as well as contemporary participatory efforts such as Mapping the City.