An Unfinished Memor: Jewish Heritage and the Holocaust in Eastern Galicia

Photographies by Jason Francisco
Galicia Jewish Museum, Krakow
July 1, 19:00

The new exhibition complements the Museum’s acclaimed core exhibition, Traces of Memory:  A Contemporary Look at the Jewish Past in Poland, by Chris Schwarz and Jonathan Webber.  With the new exhibition, the Museum realizes its long-held goal of extending its thoughtful and provocative approach to the Jewish past to the whole of historical Galicia, including the eastern section that is today in Ukraine.

In keeping with Traces of Memory, Francisco’s An Unfinished Memory invites visitors not just to gaze upon but to read the everyday world for the sake of Jewish memory. In dramatic photographs and incisive texts, An Unifinished Memory studies the continued existence of Jewish heritage in eastern Galicia, the continuing impact of the Holocaust on the social geography of western Ukraine, and the challenges of remembrance and preservation.