Alfons Mucha. The Slav Epic

(Alfons Mucha. Slovanská epopej)

Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Veletržní palác, Prague
Until 30 September 2013

Alfons Mucha, Introduction of Slav liturgy in Great Moravia © Wikipedia

The Slav Epic was intended as Mucha’s opus magnum as well as a pictorial manifesto of the unity of Western and Eastern Slavs. The artist worked on the cycle for 18 years, after his return from America. Twenty huge canvasses were gifted to the city and were to be exhibited in a purpose-built pavilion. This did not come to pass, however, as the war thwarted these plans and the canvasses, damaged during the war, were later restored in Moravský Krumlov Castle, where they were displayed until 2011, although unfortunately in inadequate conditions. In May 2012 Mucha’s epic painting returned to Prague and is currently displayed in the Great Hall of Prague Exhibition Palace (Veletržní palác).