Aleksander Gierymski (1850–1901). His Life and Works / Maksymilian Gierymski: His Works, Inspirations, and Reception

National Museum, Warsaw
Until 10 August 2014

National Museum, Krakow
From 25 April to 10 August 2014

Maksymilian Gierymski, Jewish Prayers on Shabbat Day, 1871 © Oblastni Galerie, Liberec

The Gierymski Brothers project is a joint undertaking of the National Museums in Warsaw and Krakow. Both museums present, as far as it is possible, the complete works by the two artists by displaying works on loan from collections in Poland and abroad. In Warsaw, viewers will be able to see nearly 350 paintings by Aleksander Gierymski, taken from over a dozen museum collections. The exhibition in Krakow provides a survey of the works by Maksymilian – Aleksander’s prematurely deceased elder brother. The presentation ranges from paintings created on the cusp of his artistic life to his very last work. Both exhibitions also include objects which provide a historical context to the showcased art.