Alchemy: The Great Art

Until 23 July 2017

Source of Mercury, Guler (Pahari), ca. 1770 © Sammlung L. Habighorst, Koblenz

Exhibition is divided into three sections which trace relations between art and alchemy in artistic and handicraft practice and visual culture from antiquity to the present: CREATION is dedicated to the origins of alchemy, and shows the influence of alchemical technologies on artistic practice. CREATOR centres the alchemists themselves. And CREATURE focuses on the products of the magnum opus, or Great Work – the successful conversion of a base substance into gold, and the spiritual transformation of the adepts. On display are paintings and miniatures, drawings and prints, scrolls, manuscripts and laboratory books, photographs and cyanotypes, chemograms and scanographies, sculptures, installations and videos, fake gems and artificial gold, stoneware and porcelain, gold‑ruby glass and jewellery, works of modern and contemporary art.

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