Albert Oehlen. Paintings

Mumok, Vienna
Until 20 October 2013

Albert Oehlen, Untitled, 2008  Private Collection, Munich, photo: Stefan Rohner © Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen is not only one of the most influential, but also one of the most controversial of contemporary painters. His project of bringing painting up to date consists not least in positioning this good old medium against its critics and supporters alike. He aims to bring painting into conflict on several fronts at the same time – with its own history, with its clichés, and with the ubiquitous power of the pictorial languages of advertising and pop. Oehlen wishes to restore complexity to a medium that has been declared defunct, by making the picture itself the locus of lively debate on the paintings’ tradition. The exhibition presents more than 80 paintings, collages, computer printouts, drawings, and an installations.